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Theater Arts - All of our teachers possess a multiple subject teaching credential and integrate the arts into their curriculum.  Elementary students learn how to develop and improve creative skills through a variety of theatre experiences.  They have opportunities to apply their imaginations through activities that allow them to build self-confidence, engage in self-expression, participate collaboratively, and enhance problem-solving abilities. 

Dance - Dance is an integral part of our students' education, TK through 6th grade.   As such, it is our goal to provide creative opportunities for our students to move their bodies, learn dances, and appreciate the artistic form of dance from all over the world.  Additionally, our 5th graders participate in the Conga Kids ballroom dancing program and many students take part in the line dancing club. 

Visual Arts - Our multiple subject credentialed teachers integrate the visual arts into their transdisciplinary units of study.  They consider the following questions as they implement the appropriate visual arts standards for their grade levels: 

How is used for self-expression?
How are the elements of art all around us?
How can art tell stories?
What does art teach us about the world?
How do artists use artistic expression to document their lives?
How can we use art to learn about different cultures and ways of life?

Spanish - All students in grades TK-5 will receive Spanish instruction with our Spanish teacher, Jacqueline Fuentes.  Students will visit the Spanish classroom once per week to learn new vocabulary, build conversation skills, and develop an appreciation for the Spanish language and culture.  Ms. Fuentes integrates music into her program to increase interaction and help students to form a love of the Spanish language.  She works closely with grade level teams to align her instruction to the Transdisciplinary Program of Inquiry.